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Straight from the Paws January 2018

Host Gail Furtado discusses how to care for pets in the winter with Fall River's Animal Control Officer, Cindy Berard Cadima, and Casey Fredette, supervisor at Forever Paws Animal Shelter. 

Straight From the Paws December 2017

Bob Schenck of Animal Instincts Aquarium and Pet Center visits with Beverly Andrade, the treasurer of Forever Paws, with a selection of pets. 

Straight From the Paws November 2017

Animal activist Constance Gee, a member of groups including Stop the Insanity Westport, sits down with co-hosts Gail Furtado and Beverly Andrade to discuss her efforts to prevent the abuse of animals.

Straight From the Paws October 2017

Host Gail Furtado chats with Diane Cote, board member and outreach coordinator, and Pat Taylor, a former board member and current volunteer at the shelter.  

Straight From the Paws September 2017

“The Rodent Show,” a special edition of Straight From the Paws, focuses on mice, hamsters, and other pocket pets available for adoption at Forever Paws Animal Shelter.  

Straight From the Paws July 2017

Host Gail Furtado welcomes guests Cindy Berard Cadima, Fall River's animal control officer, and Forever Paws supervisor Casey Fredette.

Straight From the Paws August 2017

Host Gail Furtado chats with Gary and Travis Nevins, a father and son who both volunteer at Forever Paws.  

Straight From the Paws June 2017

Casey Fredette, the manager of Forever Paws, shares tips on caring for animals during the summer months. 

Straight From the Paws May 2017

Forever Paws Animal Shelter staff member Theresa Botvin joins host Gail Furtado to discuss the process of making a career change.

Straight From the Paws April 2017

Host Gail Furtado discusses careers working with animals with co-host Beverly Andrade and volunteer Nicole Reis, a student in the Veterinary Health Care program at Bristol Community College. 

Straight From the Paws March 2017

On this month's edition we are introduced to two students who are enrolled int he Bristol Community College Veterinary Health Care program.

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