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Bristol Business Connection -- October 2018

Chamber Vice President Kimberly Coroa Moniz and host Jennifer Lournce share information about upcoming Chamber events.

Bristol Business Connection -- August 2018

Host Jennifer Lourenco interviews Michael O'Sullivan, the new president of Bristol County Chamber of Commerce. 

Bristol Business Connection -- June 2018

Host Jennifer Lourenco interviews Julie Gagliardi, Vice President of Corporate Giving and Community Relations at BayCoast Bank, and Melissa Panchley, Senior Property Manager at Karam Financial Group. 

Bristol Business Connection -- May 2018

Host Jennifer Lourenco interviews Jo-Anne Sbrega, Executive Director of the Children's Museum of Greater Fall River. 

Bristol Business Connection -- March 2018

Megan Scheffer, Chief Operating Officer of People, Incorporated, is the featured guest. 

Bristol Business Connection -- February 2018

Dr. Matt Malone, Fall River's Superintendent of Schools, and BayCoast Bank president and CEO Nick Christ, the chair of the Chamber's Education Committee, share their views on the need for a new Durfee High School. 

Bristol Business Connection December 2017

Bristol County Chamber of Commerce’s president and CEO Robert Mellion, Esq., vice president Kimberly Moniz, and communications manager Jennifer Lourenco discuss the importance of shopping locally this holiday season. 

Bristol Business Connection September 2017

Dr. Laura L. Douglas, the president of Bristol Community College, and Robert Vitello, the college's director of corporate services, discuss community partnerships and  other topics with Bristol County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Robert A. Mellion, Esq., 

Bristol Business Connection October 2017

Jennifer Lourenco, Bristol County Chamber of Commerce's communications manager, interviews Chamber president and CEO Rob Mellion about Fall River's economic achievements and other economic development topics.   

Bristol Business Connection August 2017

Bristol County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Robert A. Mellion, Esq., interviews two members of Justice Resource Institute’s leadership team:  Kari Beserra, Senior Vice President, and Kimberly Thomas, Vice President of Development. 

Bristol Business Connection July 2017

Bristol County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Robert A. Mellion, Esq., discusses the current challenges facing local businesses with Chamber communications manager Jennifer Lourenco. 

Bristol Business Connection April 2017

Former state senator Joan Menard discusses workforce issues facing women today with host Robert Mellion, Bristol County Chamber of Commerce's president, CEO, and general counsel. 

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