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Have you ever been sitting in your car listening to the radio and thought, "I could be a radio DJ or talk show host"?  Do you have drive to be a radio DJ or talk show host and could never quite get your foot in the door? FRCRadio is always looking for people from the community to produce monthly, weekly, or daily radio shows on FRCRadio.  We currently have multiple openings for you to get on the air and involved with Fall River Community Radio.  For more information, E-mail Ben Farabini at,

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What is FRCRadio?

Here is the clip of Ben Andrews telling what FRCRadio is all about.  This is taken from the Live Launch of the new FRCRadio that aired on March 3rd, 2014.  Enjoy! 

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Wednesday, November 14th
Live Streaming Radio on FRCRadio

We are looking for volunteers to produce local television or radio programs. Interested? Click "Learn More" to contact us about how you can get involved.