FRCRadio is an Internet-based community radio station.

FRCRadio provides access to audio production resources for residents and organizations wishing to produce local radio programs reflecting their opinions, interests and concerns. FRCRadio staff also produces programming of community interest.

Contact us with any questions about our programs or how you can begin producing your own radio program.

What's New on FRCRadio

FRCRadio is always striving to be what the listener wants to hear; from our programs to our music. We are performing a survey as to what kind of music you want to hear when you listen to FRCRadio. We want to put the "you" back in Music.  Thanks for participating and thanks for listening to FRCRadio! To take the survey, Click here!

If you haven't heard the great news already, FRCRadio has a Facebook page.  Now, not only can you love FRCRadio but you can "like" it too!  By liking our page you will get timely updates of what shows are coming up and what new shows are going to be coming to our airwaves! Thanks for listening and now liking FRCRadio! To find us, search FRCRadio!

You can take FRCRadio with you wherever you go. Download the Live 365 app and search for FRCRadio and start listening today! You can also find us on the TuneIn Radio app. Search for FRCRadio and start catching some tunes anywhere you are! Thanks for listening to FRCRadio!

FRCRadio Program Guide
Wednesday, February 20th
Live Streaming Radio on FRCRadio

We are looking for volunteers to produce local television or radio programs. Interested? Click "Learn More" to contact us about how you can get involved.