FRCMedia's Coverage of the Special Recall Election

Recall with Candidates2

Fall River Community Media is providing extensive coverage of Fall River’s mayoral recall election. Our coverage will continue through election night on March 12, when we will bring you the results live, and will include:

Meet the Candidates

FRCMedia recently invited the individuals running for mayor to use our resources to speak directly to city voters for our exclusive series, Meet the CandidatesTheir unedited and uncensored statements will be aired on Channel 95, on Facebook, and on our two web sites, Fall River Community Media and FRCMedia News.  We are also offering proponents and opponents of the recall the opportunity to record statements.

In addition, we are conducting exclusive in-depth interviews with the candidates that we will share with the community. 

Recall Election Debates

Debate Hosted by The Herald News 
February 28, 2019
6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
James Morton Middle School

Fall River Community Media, WSAR 1480, and Fall River Government Television (FRGTV) are collaborating with The Herald News on this debate among the mayoral candidates.

Keith Thibault, director of FRCMedia, will serve as the moderator, and candidates will make statements and respond to questions from panelists Donna Motta of FRCMedia and Susan Neder of WSAR. The debate is open to the public.  No campaign signs or props such as buttons or apparel will be allowed.

The debate will be broadcast live on Comcast by FRCMedia (Channel 95) and FRGTV (Channel 18) and streamed live on both organizations' Facebook pages. It will also air live on WSAR 1480 AM and be available for viewing at  

Debate by Fall River Reporter on FRCMedia 
March 7, 2019 

6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

Fall River Reporter, in partnership with Fall River Community Media, will host a debate among the mayoral candidates. Michael Silvia of Fall River Reporter will be the moderator. 

This debate will be streamed live on Fall River Reporter's and FRCMedia's Facebook pages and will be broadcast live on Comcast Channel 95. It will not be open to the public.

Multilingual Guides to the Ballot

We are producing a series of short educational videos that will explain the different parts of the recall ballot. The videos will be available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.  

Broadcast Schedule – Channel 95

Candidate Interviews 
March 11 -- 12:00 pm

Meet the Candidates 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday -- 6:00 pm

Herald News Debate  
March 11 -- 9:00 pm

Fall River Reporter Debate 
March 11 -- 7:30 pm